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Isobel 2010 Sipke
Sport Ster Mare

Wendee 2015 Sape filly

   2017 was an interesting show year, because we showed 2 mares in 8 events and at 3 of those events, the mares competed aginst each other--Isobel with trainer, Suzy Stafford, and Sjaantje with me. Isobel was put into training with the goal of presenting her to the Dutch judges to be upgraded from a 2e to a 1e ster mare and exposing her to the various types of carriage pleasure driving: CDEs, CTs, pleasure shows, and breed shows.
   Our 2016 show year proved to be one that couldn't be much better: after taking a 2-year break from the show ring for motherhood, Sjaantje traveled up and down the East Coast and across the Midwest, claiming a multitude of regional and national titles in both USEF and ADS competitions along the way.
   2015 turned out to be Isobel Ypkje van het Kasteel's event year on her way to achieving her Friesian Driving Predicate Sport title and keuring star status.
   With Sjaantje and Lillee in foal, we did not attend shows in 2014, but we did attend the Harrisburg, PA Horse Expo and the FHANA keuring in Coatesville.
   Under the auspices of trainer Suzy Stafford 2013  found us focusing on driving accomplishments with the Lexington, VA, September FHANA keuring and October IFSHA World and National Show as the grand finales of our show season.

    In 2012 for the 2nd year in a row international champion whip, Suzy Stafford, trained Sjaantje, focusing on the International FEI # 9 advanced level driven dressage test. Those tests and their scores earned Sjaantje her KFPS/FHANA driving predicate "Sport" title. Suzy also taught me to drive driven dressage!
   2011 saw us teaming up with world class CDE driver, Suzy Stafford, who agreed to give me a weekly driving lesson with Sjaantje, as well as train 6 YO Sjaantje for her driving IBOP test and for the October IFSHA World Championships driving classes.
   In 2010 Thomas & I did our own show circuit with Sjaantje, where I soon learned it was I who needed training, and in 2011 I started taking weekly driving lessons from international champion driver, Suzy Stafford.
   For 2009 I made the leap to what I call "big time" showing, taking 4 YO Sjaantje to a trainer who took us to various shows and with the experiences and fun we had, as well as our successes, became hooked on showing our Friesians.
  When I got my first Friesian, I had absolutely no plans to show, but once I had Heidie going under saddle, realized it was my responsibility to the breed to share her beauty, so after a 33 year absence from southern California show rings, I joined a local riding club, Twin Brooks Saddle Club, here in central PA, and entered a few classes there.
   Show ribbons and trophies won by Dreams Come True Farm Friesians, as well as show photos add splashes of color throughout my home.

Gail smiles as she displays Sjaantje's Championship Ribbons from the 2012 IFSHA Region 2 show.

Photo by trainer, Suzy Stafford

3 YO Fancee, ridden by Brook Sweigart, 2012 Keystone Classic w/t English Champion
photo by Cove Creek Photography

Sjaantje & Suzy Stafford's Elk Creek FEI #9 dressage test salute--the beginning of her driving predicate title quest

Photo by Linda Gallo

Sjaantje Sport, winning training level dressage
at the Ohio CDE--our first CDE

photo by Reuss Griffiths Equine Photography

 Showing at Morven Park, VA

2016 Shows

After a 2 year show absence for Motherhood, Sjaantje regained her 2013 USEF and IFSHA national carriage pleasure driving titles! This year we switched from carts and used 2 carriages,  a 1910 Studebaker ladies phaeton and an 1890s Moyer wicker ladies phaeton, for our rail classes, during the show season added a collar to Sjaantje's harness.

2017 Shows
This year we showed 2 mares, so needed 2 carriages in addition to the Kuhnle presentation carriage for driven dressage: Isobel used the butter yellow 1910 Studebaker ladies phaeton and Sjaantje used the maroon 1890s Moyer wicker ladies phaeton. Because Isobel had always gotten Sjaantje's carriage driving hand-me-downs, I bought her a brand new custom fitted deluxe Zimmerman show harness!

2015 Shows

With 2015 being a year of keuring prep for Isobel, focusing on her driven IBOP, we only attended shows for a change of training pace and sought out those with driven dressage classes.  To offer Isobel the experience of showing in a colesium we did attend one breed show, the IFSHA Region 1 Championship at the Big E in MA, and were undefeated in our 7 carriage driving classes!

2015 was the first year we trained and showed in Florida during the winter and enjoyed it so very much will return to Ocala in 2016.

   2012 Shows
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Sjaantje Sport winning training level dressage @ Glen Willow CDE
photo by John Robinson, Pics Of You Photography

   2013 Shows
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  2011 Shows 
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2011 USEF National Champion Friesian Driving
Horse of the Year

Sjaantje & her dressage rider,
Jodi Van Sprang

  2010 Shows 
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2010 OVFHA Champion Mare, Sjaantje
Staci Griffin handling & Gail Aumiller, owner
Jamie Cinq-Mars photo
   2009  Shows  
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2009 OVFHC Champion Halter Horse, Sjaantje
Bruce Griffin handling

Cally Matherly photo
2011 IFSHA Photos

2011 IFSHA Ribbons

Missing our 
National Reinsmanship Championship
2011 MAFA Championships

2011 MAFA Ribbons

2011 Ohio, Feathered Horse, & Brandywine Ribbons

2011 IFSHA Trophies

Santa brought us a complete
Smucker's Harness Spares Kit

2010 Ohio Valley Ribbons 2009
2010 MAFA Ribbons
2009 IFSHA Trophies

2009 IFSHA Ribbons

2nd Premium Keuring Ribbons
2010 Syracuse International Ribbons

2010 Bonnie Blue Ribbons

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