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   What a fabulously successful show year 2009 turned out to be for Dreams Come True Farm Friesians. Our 4 YO Tsjerk filly, Sjaantje, was in training with Griffin Sport Horses [Gretna, VA], so we ventured into the horse show world under the auspices of the best: Bruce & Staci Griffin. Sjaantje, a long tailed beauty who takes your breath away, became our show girl, ending the show season in St. Louis, MO, where she won 3 World Championships and 2 National Championships with Bruce and 1 Reserve World Championship and 2 Reserve National Championships with me riding her! That experience still has me starry eyed and smiling from ear to ear!
   2009 was the first that Thomas and I traveled with horse trailer and carriage trailer, out of state, and over night to attend our first All Friesian horse show, The Ohio Valley Friesian Horse Classic, held in Columbus, OH, at the Ohio State Fair on August 8.
   We traveled to St. Louis, MO for the International Friesian Show Horse Association's 2009 World and Grand National Horse Show, which was held October 28 - November 1, 2009 at the National Equestrian Center, Lake St. Louis, Missouri. The previous year we had been there as spectators, and I distinctly remember thinking how much fun the exhibitors were having and started dreaming that some day I would have that opportunity.
   Thomas and I had the time of our lives in St. Louis. I found it incredibly fairy tale-like that 4 years later, after buying a 3 day old Sjaantje, we were repeatedly in the winner's circle at such a prestigious show. The child in me surfaced when I hung the 9 IFSHA World & Grand National ribbons on the wall in my Friesian room and those 5 trophies on the window sill;-)
   Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Bruce, Staci, DJ, and Thomas, for your expertise, guidance, and support in making my Dreams Come True and keeping that smile on my face!

   2009 OVFHC Show  
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  2009 IFSHA Show 
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Sjaantje's Classes

Friesian Mares 3 and over Halter - 1st
Pleasure Carriage Driving - 2nd
Dressage Suitability - walk/trot - 5th
Hunt Seat Pleasure - walk/trot - 4th
Championship Halter - 1st

Carlee's & Zoe's Classes

Friesians 2 and under Halter
Carlee - 1st   Zoe - 3rd
Trail Class in Hand

Sjaantje & Bruce's Classes

World Champion Friesian Junior Mares - 1st
World Champions Friesian Baroque Junior Mares - 1st
National Champion Friesian Tandem Riding - 1st
National Champion Friesian Carriage Pleasure Working - Single - Open - 1st
World Champion Friesian Carriage Working - Single - Jr. Horse - 1st

The above win photos taken by Rick Osteen
Sjaantje & Gail's Classes

National Champion Friesian W/T Pleasure - Open - 2nd
National Champion Friesian W/T Pleasure - Amateur - 3rd
World Champion Friesian W/T Pleasure - Amateur - 2nd
National Champion Friesian W/T Pleasure - Jr. Horse - 2nd

The above reserve photos taken by Rick Osteen

Cally Matherly photo

Carlee & Bruce

Sjaantje & Bruce

Sjaantje & Gail

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