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    Sjaantje's 2020 Show Results
   Looking forward to being back on the show circuit for a second year and driving the new ADS Intermediate driven tests, I had planned to attend 9 shows this year, but the Corona-19 Virus pandemic national shut down forced all those shows to cancel. It has been a cost-saving, easy summer, hunkering down on the farm, driving recreationally to keep us fit, and learning those new ADS dressage tests. Thanks to several organizations, there were a couple of opportunities to compete virtually, a totally new, delightful experience for us exhibitors. Entries for the Lexington and Nashoba driving shows were photos, but for the FHANA show,  it was video.
Virtual Lexington Carriage Classic
Photo submission entries appear below

June 19, 2020

Gail & Sjaantje

1st of 13 (102 votes) - Costume Class

1st of 17 - Carriage Dog Class

1st of 25 - Old Guard (65+ when photo taken)

2nd of 12 -Ladies Wicker Phaetons

3rd of 10 - Presentation Type Vehicles

5th of 42 - Ride & Drive

5th of 28 - Single Horse Pleasure Driving

38 of 52 - Lady Whips

Costume Class

Old Guard

Carriage Dog

Ladies Wicker Phaetons

Presentation Type Vehicles

Single Horse Pleasure Driving
Drive & Ride Drive

Drive & Ride Ride

Lady Whips

The Single Horse, Carriage Dog and the 2 Drive & Ride Photos shown above
were  also used for the Nashoba Carriage Classic entries in those classes
FHANA "Social Distancing"
Virtual Show

September 12, 2020

Gail & Sjaantje

1st - Costume

Costume Video

Exhibition Driven Dressage Video

(Intermediate Test A)

Nashoba Carriage Classic Virtual Show
Photo submission entries appear below

October 18, 2020

Gail & Sjaantje

1st - Single Horse
1st - Carriage Costume
1st - Drive & Ride
2nd Sidesaddle Hunt Seat
3rd Carriage Dog
3rd Carriage Picnic
3rd Sidesaddle Historical Costume

Carriage Costume

Sidesaddle Hunt Seat      Sidesaddle Historical Costume
Carriage Picnic

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