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     With our plans for  Dreams Come True Farm's 6 YO Friesian Tsjerk mare, Sjaantje, to perform a driven IBOP test this year and myself to perform better in my driving classes, I needed a trainer within driving distance who would work with both Sjaantje and myself. International CDE Champion, Suzy Stafford of Stafford Carriage Driving, was up for the task and the perfect choice for the job. The new experiences, opportunities, and adventures that Suzy chose for us resulted in Sjaantje's becoming the 2011 USEF's Friesian Driving Horse of the Year! Thomas and I will go to Cincinnati, OH, January 12, 2012 to accept that highly acclaimed honor--I'm so excited I could fly there w/o an airplane;-)
     Our first 2011 public appearance was at the Harrisburg PA Horse Expo February 24-27th where we participated daily in the Friesian Parade of Breeds demonstration, as an example of a driving Friesian.  While at the expo, Sjaantje participated in Julio Mendoza  and Jane Savoie dressage clinics, ridden by her rider
, Jodi Van Sprang.
     For our first 2011 show in March we traveled to Crescendo Training Centre in Ephrata, PA for a schooling show, where Sjaantje, ridden by Jodi, performed her first dressage test,  ridden by Jodi's daughter, Angie, her first leadline class, and driven by myself, her first cones class.
     May 28, 2011 we took our Teade yearling, Fancee, and Sjaantje to the 2nd Mid-Atlantic Friesian Horse Classic held at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA. Our girls did us proud, and besides a ton of ribbons, Sjaantje came home with 3 of the 4 Championship Awards that day AND the High Point Horse. June 3rd we drove to Greensboro, PA for the 2nd Annual Northeast Feathered Horse Classic on June 4--we won our first costume class, riding side saddle.

     August 6-7 found us returning for the 3rd time to the Ohio Valley Friesian Horse Classic in Columbus, OH during the Ohio State Fair, where I successfully defended my 2010 reinsmanship title and won our first Concors d'elegance with Bobbi Jo's Carriage Machine Shop Bird-in-Hand spindle backed gig. Jodi and Sjaantje won the large Intro A dressage class. From Ohio we drove directly to Rochester, NY for the Walnut Hill Pleasure Driving Show, where Suzy competed in the gig division, and I drove in the Friday night Gig Turnout class, but our most memorable event there was the Presentation Drive. So much fun having an audience of well wishers, partying and cheering us on along the 2.5 mile drive to the park, where I had a class of champagne because I was not driving.
    September 28 found us
at Dressage at Devon, where Sjaantje was shown in the Friesian Breed class by Bruce & Staci Griffin of Griffin Sport Horses, Gretna, VA.  Competition was again very stiff with 11 entries and Iron Spring Farm winning 6 of the top 10 ribbons, so I am thrilled with Sjaantje's 3rd place ribbon, sandwiched between 4 ISF Friesians and 2 places above model mare, Toltsje fan't Boekehof.
    The Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA hosted the October 5-9 IFSHA World & National Championships, where Sjaantje not only earned 3 national and 3 reserve national driving titles, but also was named the show high point driving horse, winning the Anita Mellot Perpetual trophy. Suzy and I couldn't be more proud of Sjaantje's performances with us as whips.
   Our final 2011 show was another schooling show at
Crescendo Training Centre in Ephrata, PA. There Jodi and Sjaantje had a blue and a red in their dressage tests, and I had a blue, a red, and a yellow in our driving classes, where I am becoming more proficient in cones.

   2011 IFSHA Grand Championships  
Virginia Horse Park, Lexington, VA
October 5-9, 2011
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  2011 MAFA Show 
Frying Pan Park, Herndon, VA
May 28, 2011

Collages by Francisco Fleming

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by Cisco Photography

Sjaantje's Classes 

NC Dressage Intro B Amateur - Jodi - 6th
In hand WC Friesian Mares amateur - Jodi & Gail - 5th
NC Carriage Pleasure Driving Turnout - Suzy - 2nd
NC W/T Pleasure E/W - Gail -7th
NC Carriage Pleasure Driving Concors d’elegance - Gail - 3rd
NC Carriage Pleasure Driving Working Single Open - Suzy - 1st
NC Drive & Ride - Gail - 2nd
WC Show Pleasure Driving- Open - Suzy - 4th
Carriage Pleasure Driving Reinsmanship - Gail - 1st
NC Carriage Pleasure Driving Working Single Amateur - Gail - 1st
NC Obstacle Driving Timed Course - Suzy - 2nd

Anita Mellot Perpetual High Point Driving Trophy

Sjaantje's Classes

  Friesian Mares 3 and over Halter - Jodi & Gail - 2nd
Friesian Halter Championship - Reserve Champion
  Pleasure Carriage Driving - Single - Open - 1st
Reinsmanship Carriage Driving - Open - Gail -
Dressage Intro A - Jodi -
Dressage Intro B - Jodi - 2nd
Friesian Carriage Championship - Champion
Costume - Angie, Jodi, & Gail - 1st
“Over the Hill” Pleasure Amateur - w/t—any seat - Gail -
 Friesian Championship Walk/Trot Dressage - Jodi -
Western Pleasure w/j - 2nd
Friesian Walk/Trot Championship - Gail -
IFSHA High Point Show Horse

Fancee's Classes

  Friesian 2 and under Halter - Jodi - 2nd
Friesian Amateur Handler Halter - Jodi & Gail - 3rd
Liberty: 4 and under - Gail & Jodi -
In-Hand trail: 3 and under - Gail - 2nd

2011 Brandwine Carriage Driving Show
"Fair Hill " Elkton, MD
June 12, 2011
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Sjaantje's Classes
Novice Driver Turnout - Gail - 1st
Novice Driver Working - Gail - 6th
Novice Driver Super Reinsmanship - Gail - 1st
Novice Driver Your Route/ My Route - Gail - 6th
Novice Driver Scurry - Gail - DQ
Dan Duncan Memorial Tropy - Gail - Reinsmanship
2011 Walnut Hill Driving Competition
"Walnut Hill Farm," Pittsford, NY
August 10-14, 2011
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Sjaantje's Classes
Lady Single Horse Other Progressive Obstacle - Suzy - 2nd
Single Horse Other Cross Country Obstacle - Suzy
Lady Single Horse
Other Reinsmanship - Suzy - 2nd
Single Horse/Pony to Gig Turnout - Gail - 6th
Single Horse Other Pleasure Turnout - Suzy
Single Horse Gig Presentation Drive - Suzy & Gail

2011 Dressage at Devon
Devon, PA
September 28, 2011

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Sjaantje's Class: Friesian Halter - 3rd - 72.4%
2011 Northeast Feathered Horse Classic
Greensboro, PA
June 4, 2011
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Sjaantje's Classes

Friesian Halter - Mares- all ages - Gail - 1st
Friesian Baroque In Hand - Eugene Sweeney -
Ground Driving in Harness - Open - Gail -
Carriage Pleasure Driving Single Turnout - Open - Gail -
Carriage Pleasure Driving - Open - Gail -
Friesian English Pleasure Hunt Seat w/t - Gail - 2nd
Friesian Costume - Gail -

  2011 OVFHA Classic
Ohio State Fair, Columbus, OH
August 6-7, 2011
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Sjaantje's Classes

USDF Intro A - Jodi - 1st
USDF Intro B - Jodi -
Friesian Period Costume - Gail - 3rd
Friesian Dressage Suitability Open w/t - Jodi -
Friesian Carriage Pleasure Driving Open - Gail -
Friesian Working Carriage Driving Open - Gail - 2nd
Friesian Carriage Reinsmanship Open - Gail - 1st
Friesian Concors d'Elegance - Gail - 1st
Friesian Carriage Driving Championship - Gail -
Jack Frost
Crescendo Training Centre, Ephrata, PA

Sjaantje's Classes
March 27, 2011
Dressage Intro A test - Jodi - 3rd
Dressage Intro B test - Jodi -
Showmanship - Gail - 2nd
Off lead leadline - Angie -2nd
Cone Driving - Gail - 2nd
Carriage Pleasure Driving Gail - 1st

November 20, 2011
Dressage Intro A test - Jodi - 2nd
Dressage Intro B test - Jodi -
Cone Driving - Gail - 3rd
Cones "My Route" - Gail - 2nd
Carriage Pleasure Driving Gail - 1st

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