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    I adore horses--in fact when I was a child I wanted to grow up to be a horse!  My parents bought me my first horse, Apache Lady, the summer before I started 6th grade, and except for my college years, I have always owned horses--at first just 1, and although once the Chambersburg barn housed 9, when we moved to Carlisle, we had downsized to  5 equines.    
    In the 1990's I was moving from thoroughbred horses into warmbloods, when I saw my first Friesian at the Horse Expo in Timonium, MD. As I learned about this breed, I was amazed at all the wonderful attributes these majestic horses purportedly had--the more I read and learned, the more I dreamed of someday owning one.
As the new barn was being built, I said, "With a new barn comes a new horse,"  and that started a serious quest for my first Friesian.
    The yearling Friesian filly "Heidie of D. R. F." arrived here in June of 2003, giving me the summer to enjoy her and learn first hand about the Friesian personality. I had never been around a horse that I would describe as "kind," but that is the nature of the Friesian. It didn't take me long to be smitten and enchanted by this Friesian horse, so when I decided to retire from teaching, as a retirement present I bought a 3 in 1 package from the Netherlands--I rationalized that since I would be able to spend my days in the barn, I should have a couple more Friesians!
In foal for 2006, Wietske and her 2005 Tsjerk filly, Sjaantje, arrived at "Dreams Come True Farm" in June 2005, so it was a wonderful summer, getting to know these 2 horses. Both of our Friesian mares foaled in 2006, giving us our 1st Friesian babies--a colt and a filly. Then we had a colt in 2007, a filly in 2008, a filly in 2009, a colt in 2010, a filly in 2011, and a colt in 2013, a filly in 2014, and both a colt and a filly in 2015.
    We sold both our 4 YO Friesian Teade filly and our 2013 Sape colt in 2013, and three Friesians in 2015: retired broodmare, Wietske, 2011 mare, Lillee, and 2015 colt, Winston. In 2017 we sold 3 YO Trudee, a full sister to Lillee, and in 2018 sold 3 YO Wendee.

    Our current KFPS/FHANA registered Friesians for sale:
Jewelee, an April 2019 Hessel X Sipke full papered foal out of our Sport 1e mare, and her March 2020 full sister, Marlee.
    All our horses are started gently with natural horsemanship techniques, their training is never rushed, and they adore people. AS 2 YOs, the get ground driven, starting with a surcingle and ending up in full harness. As coming 3YOs, I send them out for 3 months to get hitched, and then drive them the rest of the summer to keep fit for their 3 YO keuring. That winter they get lighly started under saddle, and their 4 YO summer go to my driving IBOP trainer, Suzy Stafford, for driving IBOP keuring prep.
    In 2020 we made the difficult decision to end our breeding program, so sold our spectacular performance broodmare, Isobel. We're in our 70s and just can't keep doing everything as in the past.

Sjaantje Sport Crown, a 2005 FHANA/FPS Friesian Crown mare
Marlee DCTF, March 2020 Hessel X Sipke; out of Sport 1e mare, Isobel; for SALE
Hamilton DCTF, April 2018 Sape X Tsjerk colt; out of Sport Crown mare, Sjaantje
Jewelee DCTF, April 2019 Hessel X Sipke; out of Sport 1e mare, Isobel; for SALE
Auke, Bobbi Jo's FHANA/FPS Friesian stallion

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My holiday horse!
[An irresistable find  at Carlisle's Agway store!

Was this 3 horse slant aluminum Adam horse trailer a
2003 Christmas present for the horses or for Gail???

The picture above was taken when I was in Junior High School and was typical of my carefree summers -- bare-legged; bare-footed; bare-back!
The above picture was taken when I first started riding aside.  Life must no longer be carefree--nothing is bare ;-)  My mount, Tony's Flyer, has since been sold to Claire at Great Folly Farms in Clarksville, MD and is used as a lesson horse. Will my dream of riding a Friesian aside come true?
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Horse Archives [Previously owned]

Isobel Ypkje van het Kasteel Sport, a 2010 Sipke x Feitse 1e Sport mare, sold December 2020 to Andrea, PA

Trudee DCTF, a 2014 FHANA/FPS Sape x Ritse filly, sold April 2017 to Jennifer, OH
Wendee DCTF, 2015 Sape X Ritse colt, sold February 2017 to Susan, PA
Lillee DCTF, a 2011 FHANA/FPS Sape x Ritse mare, sold December 2015 to Kathie, RI
Winston DCTF, 2015 Lolke X Ritse colt, sold October 2015 to Brittany & Jeff, PA
Tydess, a 1997 Standardbred mare, Alice  2014 retirement present
Wietske Janke V, a 1999 FHANA/FPS Friesian Ster mare, sold August 2015 to Paula, NJ
Fancee DCTF, a 2009 FHANA/FPS Friesian filly, sold April 2013 to Kelly, AL
Spartacus DCTF, a 2013 FHANA/FPS Friesian colt, sold October 2013 to Teresa, NY
Carlee DCTF, a 2008 FHANA/FPS Friesian filly, sold 2009 to Rebecca, LA Heidie of D.R.F. a 2009 FHANA/FPS Friesian mare, sold July 2012 to Vic, PA
Zoe S, a 2007 FHANA/FPS Friesian filly & my 2007 Christmas present; training accident death in 2011
Hercules DCTF, a 2010 FHANA/FPS Friesian colt, sold July 2010 to Jessie, PA
Xavier, a 2007 FHANA/FPS Friesian gelding sold April 2008 to Kristen & Ryan, TX Valeree DCTF, a 2006 FHANA/FPS Friesian filly sold June 2008 to Ruth, NV
Ulysses, a 2006 FHANA/FPS Friesian gelding sold October 2007 to Kristin,  AZ Duke's Isabella, a 1999 Thoroughbred-Percheron mare sold September 2007 to Carly, PA
Earlys Mountain Amber Star, a 1999 Tb-Appy; sold December 1999 Macintosh, a 1987 Standardbred gelding; sold May 2000
Flying Forever, a 1993 Thoroughbred mare, sold June 2000 Dallyece, a 1994 Thoroughbred mare; sold May 2002
Teacher's Pet, a 1980 Anglo-Trahekner [Abdullah] mare, put to sleep 2003
Miss Carlisle,  2004 Fettucina weanling; sold November 28, 2004
Kristie's 2004 Valentine's Day present, Crested Vanity, a 1995 Thoroughbred gelding
Fettucina, a 1991 Holsteiner mare   Additional information  sold July 2006
Futurina, a 2001 Holsteiner mare    Additional information  sold September 2006 Ginger, a 2003 American Paint Pony filly sold August 2007 to Lynn, PA

This site was developed to showcase the horses owned and sold by "Dreams Come True Farm."

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