Welcome to Dreams Come True Farm's 2010 Harrisburg, PA Horse Expo Site
   Our first 2010 public appearance with us as a team w/o professional trainer was at the Pennsylvania Horse Exposition in Harrisburg from February 25-28th where we participated daily in the Friesian Parade of Breeds demonstration, as an example of a driving Friesian. Sjaantje rose to the occasion putting on 4 spectacular driving sessions: 2 with Paige starting her off before handing the reins to me, and 2 with me as whip: I made my first solo public drive with Sjaantje on February 27th! Sjaantje also was ridden by Paige in Julio Mendoza's "Balance & Collection" clinic and was on public display daily in the Friesian stall, beside the FHANA/MAFA information booth.
   Jessica & Julio Mendoza of Mendoza Dressage, Laytonville, MD and Allentown's Paige Lilly also performed with David Deal's Friesians. Julio and Tije Sport entertained the crowd with their tricks, while Jessica and Ivan Sport wowed everyone with their dressage moves. In their first expo appearance Zane & Paige  made many little children happy with being able to pet a Friesian!
   It had been several years since Friesians were at the expo and they certainly made an impression on the crowd, so plans are being made to expand our presentation with additional horses for next year.

Sjaantje, Gail, & Alice

The FHANA booth

Gail & Alice

Julio & Tije 401 Sport

Paige & Zane

Julio & Tije 401 Sport

Julio & Tije 401 Sport

Sjaantje [Paige] & Ivan Sport [Jessica]

Julio's Collection & Balance Clinic

Sjaantje & Gail 1st Solo Drive

Sjaantje's World Championship Ribbon

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