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   We met Auke's owners, Bobbi Jo & Phil of Carlisle, PA, at a horse show. Auke, an Anton son, is an absolutely stunning Friesian stallion, so I enjoy posting his pictures here your enjoyment. These were taken at the World Friesan Horse Extravaganza & Competition held in Springfield, Ohio, at the Champions Center October 24-27, 2007. They won the Period Costume Class, which was the first time Bobbi Jo rode Auke in a horse show class! Are they not fabulous?

These were taken at the Northeast Friesian Horse Club "East Coast Championships" held in Port Jervis, NY, October 27-29, 2006, where Auke won his in-hand and carriage classes with ease. This is a magnificent Anton son with lots of hair, too. Auke's mane hanges below his knees--nearly to his ankles, his forelock hangs at least 8 inches beyond the end of his nose, and his tail drags on the ground! Won't he be fabulous in costume classes???

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