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    Sired by Tyrannical and bred by Harold and Kaye Berzon of Fort Lauderdale, FL, she was foaled February 17, 1997 in Trenton, FL, and is registered by The United States Trotting Association!  She last raced at Pocono Downs on August 4, 2000 with her trainer, James Langley, giving her one more chance of showing some speed, but this quiet little filly turned in yet another disappointing 2:02 Other than being small--just shy of 15.2h, she has lovely manners and goes nicely in a cart, so is a welcomed addition to our stable, where she will also be trained to saddle and used when we have a snow cover to pull our sleigh.
    She arrived at our farm August 10, 2000, and from the first time hitched to the jog cart she has been a wonderfully behaved filly--she stood and was very responsive to being asked to walk or trot up and down the driveway.  When turned out, she is a joy to watch, carrying her tail high, and a magnificent mover with a floating trot!  We just purchased a nice used breaking cart with a bench seat, as that the old jog cart just didn't do her justice.

Her last day at Pocono Downs
Jimmy and Mary Ann say goodbye as Thomas prepares to load her.
The following photos were taken the first week Ty was on the farm.  You can see how much she enjoyed being turned out in our pasture and that the dog and goat kept an eye on her.

Don't we look like we were having fun, riding in the jog cart? [We were!] Just think of the fun we'll have this winter when we can get the sleigh out!

She has a lovely trot



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