2018 FPS Friesian Keuring Results   

"Dreams Come True Farm"        

   On October 1 we went to Coatesville, PA, for the KFPS/FHANA/ISF Friesian keuring, taking Crown mare Sjaantje and her April Sape colt, Hamilton DCTF. We had practiced all summer for the new foal keuring protocol where the foals we lead beside their dams. Unfortuantely I had neglected to tell the handler that he only needed to walk beside Sjaantje with the colt's lead around in front and across her chest. So when he got out in front of Hamilton and hunkered down facing the colt, Hamilton sucked back and never showed his 6" overstep walk. Third premie for Hamilton that day. October 5th Isobel participated in FHANA's second Central Mare Show in Springfield, OH, and was in the Mares 7 and older Division, which she won, qualifying her for the final round. Too excited to show a nice walk, her jigging got her excused, so she remains a first premie star sport mare. Retired from the show ring, she will begin her career as DCTF's Friesian broodmare, and her first foal is due May 1, 2019.

Isobel FHANA's 2018 Mare Show Champion
"Mares 7 and over"
Kudos to Gaatze Bosma and Margrietha Algra
Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands
on their expert handling of Isobel

  1st Premie 2010 Sipke 450 mare out of Ypkje D, Double Preferrant
In foal to Hessel 480 for 2019 (foal for sale)

Hamilton & Thomas

Gaatze Bosma & Hamilton DCTF
 Too  young for cross ties

Hamilton has better farrier manners as a weanling than many much older horses

Hamilton DCFT and his Crown dam Sjaantje Sport  at his 2019 Iron Spring farm, Coatesville, PA, foal keuring

Hamilton DCTF

Hamilton's dam
Sjaantje Sport

Isobel's Keuring Photo by Korrina Glenn of KRae photography

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