July photos of the Morrill's Filly,


    Foaled April 8, 1999 , she was weaned at 3 months, so these pictures will not show her dam. Her playmates are "Duke's Isabella," a 3/4 Tb - 1/4 Percheron filly foaled April 23, 1999, and my Easter lamb, "Cowan." As you can see, the lamb has taken a shining to the filly, so has been renamed, "Dodge," and will be accompanying her to NC this fall!
     These pictures were taken July 16, 1999, a week after she was separated from her dam for weaning and brought back to her birth farm. 

The pictures with her wearing a fly mask were taken July 23, 1999.

Created on July 14, 1999 by Gail Aumiller, the photographer and last updated August 16, 1999.