Welcome to the site featuring Gail's two year old filly

"Duke's Isabella"

    This 3/4 Thoroughbred 1/4 Percheron cross filly has become quite the behemouth. In fact I have seen her use her size to literally knock her pasture mates out of her way! Recently we went through a period where she tried to use her size to intimidate me, stepping into my space--that quickly ended when she felt my fingers poking her ribs.

Look at us!  We're finally getting
comfortable together--isn't she a beauty?

I needed a 4-step ladder
when I first started mounting her.

Fortunately she was quiet
and stood still for my antics.

She had no idea
about leg aids

I like riding this filly

She round pens very nicely

I moved her to a larger paddock
She'd like to be with the 
others, but is being a bully
More photos:
Bella as a yearling
Bella as a foal and weanling

Created on September 26, 1999 by Gail Aumiller, the owner/photographer and last updated November 13, 2001.