Dreams Come True Farm 2012 MAFA Show Photos

Wietske--blue ribboned at her very first show
April 21, 2012 Frying Pan Park, Herndon, VA
DCTF had another 1st at this show--we took 4 horses from the barn! We brought our 3 YO Teade filly, Fancee DCTF, and our yearling Teade filly, Lillee DCTF, and their Ritse dam, Wiestke Janke V, as well as a friend's 8 YO, Jorrit mare, Octavia von Rey. We were thrilled with our results--Wietske, ridden saddle seat by Cyndi, had a blue and a reserve w/t pleasure championship; Fancee regained her liberty title and also won the ground driving class; little Lillee had 2 red ribbons and more importantly showed us that she enjoyed being at a show. Gloria's mare, Octavia, was the star for Dreams Come True Farm, winning her dressage suitability class and the dressage w/t championship with Jodi in the irons. This show is excellent for green horses and green riders, letting everyone build confidence and have fun.
Please enjoy these show photos taken by Jim Craige of Jim Craige Photography

Fancee winning her Liberty class

Wietske Janke V [had been a broodmare for 9 years]

English Pleasure w/t amateur -- Cyndi -- 1st
Saddleseat w/t open --  Cyndi -- 2nd
Family Time -- Jodi & Natalie -- 1st
Performance Championship w/t -- Cyndi -- 2nd

Fancee DCTF

Halter Mares 3 & over -- 2nd
Ground Driving -- Open -- 1st
Liberty 4 & under -- 1st
In-Hand Trail -- 3rd

Lillee DCTF

Halter 2 & under -- 2nd
Family Time -- 2nd

Sisters, Gail [right] & Beth [left] "Family Time"

Fancee in Liberty


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