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Sjaantje, Sport, Crown
as a foal

Driven Dressage Awards

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Jewelee, 2019 Hessel filly out of Isobel van het Kasteel
Marlee, 2020 Hessel filly out of Isobel van het Kasteel
Isobel,  recently sold is a 1e KFPS/FHANA Sport mare
and an
IFSHA Driving National & World Champion

Isobel Ypkje van het Kasteel Sport
       "Dreams Come True Farm" is a privately owned barn and residence purchased in the fall of 2002. We raise and train FPS/FHANA Dutch registered  Friesians, which are for sale. Conveniently located a few miles from I-81's Exit 52 and the Carlisle exit 226 of the PA Turnpike, the property now has a lovely completely remodeled modern home, a fabulous barn with a camera monitored foaling stall, an attached indoor riding ring with rubber footing, 2 outside grass footing arenas with one being a 40 X 80m driving arena, lots of lush pastures with run-in sheds and automatic waterers, and a hacking/driving path through the woods and around the property perimeter. With Thomas' help, my dreams come true!
    With the Covid-19 national pandemic shutdowns, all 9 shows we had planned to attend, were canceled for 2020, so we stayed here on the farm and saved a bunch of money! We had finally made plans to attend the September Villa Louis Carriage Driving Show in WI, so that show's being canceled was my biggest disappointment, but being in the high risk 65+ older group, not going to any shows was the sensible thing to do. If Thomas and I became deathly sick, who would take care of the 10 horses here on the farm? Not all was lost, because several organizations offered virtural shows, an entriely new experience for myself, I was able to add a few appointments to my turnout presentation, and I had ample time here on the farm to learn the new ADS Intermediate driven dressage tests.
   In 2019 Sjaantje was back on the driving show circuit and competed in 4 USEF shows and 3 ADS shows with 5 of those shows having driven dressage classes, so we were successful in getting the remainder of my ADS Driven Dressage silver medal scores. Sjaantje started the show year with 8 wins at IFSHA region 2 and ended the show year with 8 wins at IFSHA Worlds! December 5-8, 2019 found us at Grand Oaks, Weirsdale, FL for the ADS Annual meeting and Awards banquet, where I had the honor of awarding their  driven dressage medals, and receiving my Silver Driven Dressage Medal and 750 Hour Recreational Driving pin. In January 2020 Thomas and I  traveled toWest Palm Beach, FL, to accept Sjaantje's USEF 2019 National Friesian Driving Championship award. The end of February we will fly to Lexington, KY, for FHANA's annual meeting and awards banquet, where Sjaantje and I will be recognized as their National & Regional Driven Dressage Champions, Regional Driving Champion, and Driving Horse of Honor, qualifying Sjaante for and in the running to be voted FHANA Horse of the Year!
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DCTF 2020 Virtual Show Highlights

Sjaantje Sport & Gail, whip

3 Blue ribbons in the Lexington Carriage Classic Virtual Show

FHANA's Eastern Region Virtual Show Costume class Champion

3 Blue ribbons in the Nashoba Carriage Association
Carriage Driving & Side Saddle Virtual Show

2020 Nashoba Virtual Carriage Driving Show winning photos

Single Horse   
"The Circus is Coming to Town"

Drive & Ride

2020 Lexington Carriage Classic Virtual Show winning photos
Carriage Dog

Old Guard


2020 FHANA Virtual Show Costume Championship Photo

YouTube link to Costume Championship Video

    DCTF 2019 Show Highlights

Sjaantje Sport & Gail, whip

IFSHA 8 World Championship Carriage Driving Titles
IFSHA 5 World Reserve Championship Titles
IFSHA World & Grand National Shakespeare
High Point Purebred Award Recipient
IFSHA World & Grand National Shakespeare High Point Driving Award Recipient
CT Morgan 77.92% Intermediate Driven Dressage Score
CT Morgan Single Horse Obstacles Champion
Orleton Farm Old Guard & Picnic Class wins
2019 National Driving Honors

2019 USEF Friesian Driving HOTY

2019 FHANA Driven Dressage National Champion

2019 FHANA Driving Horse of Honor

ADS Silver Driven Dressage Medal

 Sjaantje's 1910 Moyer Wicker Phaeton      Sjaantje's 1890s Studebaker Phaeton
My favorite 2019 Sjaantje Performance Photos

My favorite Sjaantje 2016 Performance Photo
    I have discovered the kindness and warmth of the Friesian horse, buying a yearling in 2003 and in 2005 a 3 in 1 package from the Netherlands as a retirement present and project. Our first foals, an Ait colt and a Teade filly arrived in 2006. In 2007 Santa brought me a fabulously well-bred Goffert full-papered filly and in 2012 an even better bred Sipke filly. In April our ster broodmare, Isobel, will have her second Hessel foal.
    2009 brought many new and wonderful Friesian experiences with our entering the Friesian show world, traveling to VA, OH, and MO with some of our young horses, and proud of Sjaantje who earned 3 World and 2 National Champion Titles that year. Our evolving breeding and training operation has expanded to boarding, always having a horse on the market, and now taking a horse or two to a show.
    In 2010 Thomas & I ventured onto the show circuit with Sjaantje and sometimes taking yearling, Fancee. What an adventure and learning experience--I looked at each show as being a vacation with horses;-) In 2011 after teaming up with Suzy Stafford, we started to blow the Friesian driving world away--won National Driving Championships and Sjaantje was the 2011 & 2013 USEF high point Friesian driving HOTY. In 2012 Suzy put a FPS/FHANA driving sport predicate title on Sjaantje by earning 10 points from advanced level FEI #9 dressage tests, and in 2013 Suzy put a Crown mare title on Sjaantje by achieving an 81.5 score on the Driving IBOP test.  In 2014 Isobel earned her Sport title, had a 78 IBOP score to win the Dream Gait Driving IBOP Cup, and earned her  keuring "Ster" and in 2015 earned her driving sport predicate title, and in 2017 became a first premium "1e" Friesian mare.
    2016 was a fantasy show year for Sjaantje and myself: we wintered in Ocala, FL, so showed the FL driving circuit and then came north to do the same. Consequently both Sjaantje and myself won USEF Horse and Equestrian of the Year honors; plus Sjaantje was the USEF Grand Champion Carriage Pleasure Driving Horse, the National Friesian Carriage Driving Horse, and the National Carriage Pleasure Driving Training Level Driven Dressage Horse, and National Reserve Pleasure Driving Champion!
    2018 we lightly campaigned both Isobel, who was in foal, and Sjaantje, who had foaled.
Earlier in the year I had earned both my Blue (Training) and my Bronze (Preliminary) ADS Driven Dressage Medals, so finished the year competing in intermediate tests that earned me 2 of the 4 required scores for my silver medal. Sjaantje's & Isobel's 2018 USEF  end of year honors: they tied, so both were the USEF  National Intermediate Driven Dressage Champions.
    2019's goal was to earn my remaining 2 ADS Silver Medal Intermediate Driven Dressage scores and I did! I couldn't be more proud of Sjaantje, and she didn't disappoint us in any of her 7 shows, ending the show year with 8 IFSHAWorld carriage pleasure driving titles and 5 reserve champion titles to tie for the show's high point Friesian award and to win its high point driving award. She also was IFHSA's end of year high point champion in Friesian Carriage Driving, Open Single Horse Carriage Driving, and Open Single Horse CDE. Sjaantje's outstanding driving performances earned her FHANA's Driven Dressage Regional and National Titles, and her driving nomination for their Horse of the Year.
    Having retired from teaching in 2005, I have been able to live my dream 24/7 and give our Friesian horses the time they need and deserve! 
                                       Keuring results                             Show results 

Sjaantje 2019

Sjaantje & Suzy Stafford winning the 2013 FHANA Dream Gait IBOP Cup
and on her way to becoming a Crown mare

Sjaantje 2013
on her way to
becoming a first premie!

Sjaantje as a yearling

Year;ing Lillee, 2 YO Isobel, & Brodie November 2012

2012 Keystone International Livestock Exposition
Our 1st show at the Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg, PA
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